Products and Services

In-Home Services

Home Wi-Fi Protection: Securing your home network from outside users. We’ll properly adjust your wireless router so only you and people you give the password to can access your household Wi-Fi network.

Wireless Device Set up: Set up of any wireless printers or scanners so you can print directly from your device without a wired connection.

Password Management: Create a comprehensive plan of off-line and on-line databases to store and track all passwords for any accounts that require a password. Along with storing that password data on a USB flash drive only accessible to the customer with password encryption

Initial Device Set-up:  If you have purchased a new laptop, Ipad, IPhone, android or tablet we can help you work through any initial set up that you may not be familiar with. We can also tailor the device with all the apps and software you desire

Software Installation: Integrate any software package installation (programs for: Banking, Taxes, Photo and video editing, malware, anti-virus, video and audio calls, etc.)

Hardware and Software fixes: Applications or devices will be updated to the latest Firmware releases so your hardware and software are up to date

On Demand Media Players: Support for media players such as Apple TV, Roku and Smart TV’s. We will help you with establishing your preferred settings, how to save your passwords for applications (Netflix, HBOGO, Showtime and Cinemax on demand, optimum cable TV viewing and DVR storage)

Wi Fi connectivity: Making sure your devices automatically connects to your home network and do not take from your phone service provider’s data usage, saving you money!

Access Home TV from Anywhere: Want to watch your home TV from anywhere in the world, we can set that up, never miss you favorite show or the Big Game when you are traveling. Also we will teach you how to save those shows or games to view whenever you desire.

Remote Log in Assistance

Remote Access of your PC, Laptop or device: We can install software that allows us to, with your permission, access your computer remotely to resolve any potential issues. During the next storm or when you travel out of town we can be there to assist you remotely with any issues that may occur.


Data Back up and Security

Physical Drive & Cloud Storage: We can suggest the proper Hard Drives (based on apple or windows) or cloud based storage to back up all your data (documents, photos and videos)

Data Recovery: We can recover data from damaged or broken hard drive; provide you with a new portable hard drive with all of your old irreplaceable data for usage on a new device and cloud based data storage.


Manage Other Devices

Setting up your new smart watch: We can assist you in setting up your new Apple Watch, Guess Connect, Android, Pebble, Tag Heuer, Samsung Gear and many more

E-Books: Unsure how to download a new book, can’t change your font settings, forgot how to link your amazon account? We will work directly with you to get the most out of your E-Reader

Fitness Bands: We can walk you through the initial connection to your new activity measurement device (Fit bit, Jawbone, Basis Peak, Misfit, Lifeband, etc)

Online Banking: We can assist in setting up your online banking preferences for applications such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, TD Bank, and more accounts. Track and see all your spending, find that old check you wrote, look for erroneous charges or signs of fraud

Fraud Support: Has your credit or debit card been used in error, we can set you up with software to track any fraudulent activity


Malware and Virus Protection

Malware and Virus protection: We will work with you to update your current software for all Malware and Anti-Virus applications. If you don’t currently have any virus protection we can recommend the better applications to use to avoid any computer virus getting into your device

Installing Malware and Virus Protection Applications:   We will scan your computer for all the latest virus’ and Malware scripts. This can be performed routinely overnight and not interrupt your computer usage.

Speed up a Slow PC or Device: We can install and automate programs to speed up computers that may be running slow, also in the background and not affecting your computer usage.


Car Device Management

Bluetooth Set Up: We’ll enable all the Bluetooth features on your phone or tablet to easily make calls from your car or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Digital Direction Programs: We will help you set up Google Maps, mounted guidance systems (Garmin) or other digital driving devices to find your way on future trips.

Digital Music: Learn how to play all your favorite music from your digital catalog, Pandora, Spotify and other music and radio services. We can enable the Bluetooth functionality or create a manual audio jack connection.


Educational Services

General Computer Refresher Courses:   With so many upgrades to software and applications sometimes you need a refresher on how to use some of these crucial applications. Let us sit down with you and design a tailored approach based on your computing needs.  Such as but not limited to (Microsoft word, excel, outlook, IPhoto, Movie Maker, all internet browsers, email services, Media players and many more)

Building a Slide show:   We can show you the simple applications used to generate your slideshow for a birthday party, anniversary or office meeting. We can also align music with your show for added affect.

Photos & Video Editing:  Want to send nice clean images and videos to family and friends or posting on social media, we’ll walk you through several editing applications so those special memories can be shared with everyone via email or social media.

Creating a safe password: We will assist in generating unbreakable passwords for all your important email and other accounts. This will protect against any security breaches

Email Basics: We will discuss such thing as adding picture attachments, creating an email signature, how to forward emails, creating folder to store your emails, traveling or away messages.


Traveling Assistance and Tips for all Devices

Remote Access: With your permission we can remotely access your computer to help with any issue that may occur at home or when you are traveling. We can save you the cost of an on-site visit by using remote services to solve any issues you encounter.

Security Emphasis: Learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to preventing being hacked. Such as knowing when to trust a Wi-Fi network and when to avoid non trusted networks.

Review Credit Card or Debit Card Charges: Being aware of overseas charges right away is the best way to not be scammed. We can create alerts on all bank and credit cards to alert you to a questionable charge.

My Credit Card was Deactivated: In the case of stolen identity or a lost card we will inform you how to deal with your respective bank or credit card service. Store your passwords and security questions properly to quickly reactivate any new banking card.

Wi-Fi Usage Suggestions: How to make sure you use Wi-Fi before your data plan and save you money, especially traveling outside of the United States.

International Travel Alerts: We can help you by alerting the bank that you are traveling overseas and not having your credit or debit cards deactivated.

International Data Plans for Phones and Devices:   Need to set up an international data plan for that 2 week vacation to Europe, we will make sure you are not over charged and give you tips on how best utilize your data plan with an emphasis on Wi-Fi usage

Protecting your Photos and Videos: Need to save those pictures you took on your phone while you are traveling. We can teach you how to save those files to a hard drive or the cloud to make more space on your phone or camera for even more photos and videos!

SIM Cards for overseas Calls and Texts: Based on what type of phone or tablet you will be traveling with overseas we can make sure it works in that specific country or continent

Don’t Miss Your Favorite TV Programs: How do I watch my favorite shows overseas! I cant miss the big game or the hot new show. We can set up a free service that allows you to watch tv on that one rainy day of vacation. It’s a simple 10 minute set up and you will never miss the big game or the must see tv show.

Makings calls or Video Chat Overseas:   We’ll teach you how to get the most out of applications such as (Skype, Viber, Apple Face time, whats app, Google Voice, Vonage, Rebtel, Fring) without incurring large data charges from your local provider (ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc)

Overseas Texting: How can I text my friends overseas using my data plan or Wifi (Whatsapp). Based on your device we can recommend the most efficient and cheapest means of keeping in contact with everyone while traveling.

On Demand Viewing Overseas: How can I watch Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax on demand overseas when the country I’m in limits access, we can fix that and you will not miss a thing.